It’s Working For Me


It’s working! After years of hoping, praying, and in more recent years putting in the work, my brain is finally working for me and not against me.

For the past six months, I have relentlessly been working on overcoming some major stumbling blocks of my mindset in relation to motivation, focused vision, and success. This meant while others were relaxing and playing it safe, I was working overtime around the clock to divide, conquer, and win it is so encouraging to finally see the first cropped harvest of my labour.


My first major breakthrough came just over a month ago when I was able to finally complete my vision board. Something I had previously struggled with. Each time I attempted to start my mind became blank just like the whiteboard in front of me, and I became angry, frustrated, and concerned.

What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I see past my present and into my future? Why couldn’t I visualise what I wanted to do with my life? There was lots of talking, but little to acton, no fruit, no vision.

That’s when I set myself the challenge of breaking through this recurring mental cycle, that refused to allow me access to the part of my brain that had the power to dream. The part that for 35 years had been ruled by all the negative emotions, thought, and behavior patterns that strengthened its rule.

I was angry enough to want it back and tired enough to fight!

I had already witnessed the power of change in areas of my mindset spiritually and seen the effects on my daily living, now I wanted to do the same with my emotions and I did that by making a decision and commitment not to allow myself to think negatively about any situation in my life for the entire year. Desperate times, required desperate measures.

So, when I was able to complete my vision board four weeks ago, a week before I came out of lockdown, I was doing my happy dance, backflips, somersaults, and anything else I could do in my head without causing me too much embarrassment in public, lol.

Lockdown changed me because I refused to allow it to break or disarm me. A few weeks later I added my affirmations to the board, now I was energised and even more focused because words have power, they breathe life and death. Mentally and emotionally I had breathed enough death, now I was ready for life and these past few weeks I have seen fruit in my life that I often watched others grow, pick and eat from, now growing and maturing in me.

I finally have a clearer vision for my life, something I’ve always wanted. Daily I see myself taking on the identity of the person I dreamed of becoming. I wake up and the vision and dream is before me. When I’m tired, I see the vision and dream before me. When old familiar feelings and emotions raise their heard and for a moment I pause as they catch me off guard, Immediately, somehow the vision makes its way into my thoughts and I’m reminded why I’m doing what I’m doing because the vision is before me

Limit The Damage Contol

Last week I started reading a book, that has been really encouraging. Usually, a book like this would have fallen on live emotions and deaf ears. This time the words fell on good cultivated soil and confirmed everything I have already started doing, as well as the benefits I am already reaping.

Interestingly, all the books are the same, just packaged differently. Even my 4 step process, it may take a different route, but it still leads me to the same destination many others have reached via a different route. You just have to find the one that works for you, commit to it and you will get there.

And guess, what? All, and I mean all the principles are biblical! That’s why they work. Christian or no Christian, once you implement the principles you win. For me being a Christian makes overcoming and winning sweeter!

So back to this book I Am My Brand by Kibi Springer, what I love about this book is the fact that I am already exercising parts of it and seeing the results and it’s going to add even more knowledge and tools to my mental Aresnal.

In her book, Kubi offers some great tips on managing the tough times, an area I’ve been doing better in, but I like what she does and thought I would take a step further. When life knocks her a blow, she goes to her “happy Box” a box filled with suggestions to make her feel better.

I decided to create my own happy box made up of the following. an accumulation of letters to myself to be opened in order. I figured a nice encoutagig letter written to myself when I’m on the mountain top is just what I need to hear when I’m in the valley, a reminder that I will feel lie that again. I’m not sure about you, but sometimes those emotions can be a little stubborn, doing their best erase your happy memories, so I figured I would get ahead of them and write letters to myself in pepereation for thise tough times.

I also figured it would be a good idea to number them, so after about the fifth time, I can tell myself, “I know you have been here before and you are probably wondering if it is worth it, the answer is yes, its worth it. Think of how far you have come, you can’t give up now, etc.. You get the drift. I’ve already started drafting my letters, in preparation and added in letters and find it so encouraging because it means I mean business and shows myself how committed I am. perhaps this is something you may want to try

In my happy will also be shopping vouchers for £100. I have never been one to go shopping when I’m feeling a little low, but figured this is an area I need to treat myself in as I would have worked really hard and rarely treat myself, so by then I would have deserved it.

I also plan to put some money in there to get my hair done, so I have no excuse about things being tight, etc.. a picture of my mum for inspiration pictures of my nieces, nephews, and godchildren, whom I am building a legacy for. There will be some other things in there too, but that is just a start, my aim is to limit the damage control and silence the negative voices in my head with some added render loving car as well as prayer and the support of some great people.

What kind of things would you put in your happy box and why?

Breaking Ground

Right now I am loving the tough journey because I can physically feel my mind is expanding as it accumulates knowledge, as opposed to the way it used to operate, fixed and stagnant with little change.

I’m learning daily the importance of saying, believing, declaring my affirmations as I become the things I am declaring, it truly is powerful, which is why life, the enemy, and our emotions keep us away from them. Life causes us to forget, emotions tell us we don’t feel like it and the enemy sits there rubbing his hands laughing all the way to the bank, well not on my watch, not anymore.

Each morning after prayer, just before I leave the house, I declare my affirmations and I repeat the words from my video as I play it, meaning every single word I say. Look out for some more in the coming weeks to help you in your journey.

I want to leave you with a word you have heard before, but like me probably felt it worked for everyone else but you because you had tried numerous times before. But that is just it, you can’t try and stop, you have to commit to succeed no matter what, and then you have to feed that commitment with all the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual food it will need to stay committed to the goals that will lead you to your vision

I’ll be honest, I have already hit some tough days, but when you hit those tough days and you feel that motivating drive kick in because declaring you are motivated and successful in all you do is part of your daily affirmations, it is a great feeling, to witness strength where you was once week and frail.

Until next time be blessed.

If you have enjoyed reading this blog, please comment below and let’s get a conversation going, and share it with anyone you feel would be blessed by it

Jemz x



    1. Jemma /Reply

      Great. I am still putting mine together and putting some great bits in it too. I am loving the idea. Who better than to encourage you that’s your your your better self. Make sure your letters on uplifting and motivating

  1. Alison Ryan-Chase /Reply

    Wow Jemz
    Reading this made me reflect on myself and come to terms where I am. Constantly running from that dreaded word ‘depression’ as it doesn’t fit my smile or jolly personality… now I wonder which one is a mask!

    The happy box struck me. I think that’s where I’ll start.
    Off to my hairdresser so I shall conquer this rebellious emotion that stings my eyes, suck it in and get on with my day.

    Truly an amazing blog, God is truly good to us. Keep on keeping on my lovely.

    Alipaly xxx

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