Killing Procrastination, One Second at A Time


Do you struggle with procrastination?

Do you find yourself dragging in the tasks that really shouldn’t take that long? Putting off certain tasks because you don’t feel like doing them, then beating yourself up for not doing them? Do some jobs boar you? Do you tell yourself you’re going to get all your jobs done then relax, only to find yourself being distracted, causing things to take longer than they should? Does this cause you to feel depressed, frustrated, even angry with yourself?

Have you thought about timing yourself?

Recently I started timing myself when carrying out certain tasks and found I got them done in a fraction of the time. From the time I hit the timer, it was all systems go. No time for phone calls, idle thinking, or staring into the air. 100% focus, focus, focus.

As a multiple business owner time is precious. As some that battled with depression, time was wasted. Procrastination is an area I’ve had to navigate through, using various mediums, but I believe I’ve stumbled upon what works for me. I’ve had to undo all the mental thinking patterns I gravitated to when I battled with depression because, during that time procrastination, mental and emotional drifting was top of my list. The last thing you feel like doing when you are depressed is doing what you need to do!

I found it extremely hard to do something if I didn’t feel like it and then beat myself up for not doing what needed to be done. I continually took the weight of today into tomorrow then wondered why I constantly felt heavy and overwhelmed.

I still get the tempting feeling to put things off, not that there is anything enticing about not doing what needs to be done, but it still presents itself. However, timing and training myself to get things done and remain focused has enabled me to fight, even ignore the temptation. It has taken lots of discipline and understanding that I do not have to rely on my emotions to get things done. I can do something even if I don’t feel like it providing I remain focussed on the bigger picture of why it needs to be done and the knock-on effect if I don’t do it.

When you keep your eyes on your why, the how becomes something you pursue with diligence and passion, and the bonus prize is time… I now have more time to relax and enjoy my life.

Now I know how long it takes to do things I want to stick to the time frame. I’m even trying to see if I can break my own record, see where I can save even more time. this really does help with focusing the mind and helps you enjoy what you are doing, which affects your thoughts and emotions and so now what you are doing becomes enjoyable and not a chore.

For me, this is huge. It excites me. I see change. I am changing. I am happier and things are getting done! The goal is to stick to it. The why is so I can get more done, have more time and be happier

So, what do I do with the time saved? Part goes onto business development, part into time alone with God, the rest… Fun and relaxation

If you can relate to this post and find yourself wasting time and want to save time, try timing yourself, you will be surprised at how committed, driven, focused, driven, motivated and quick you can be and you will enjoy it!

Procrastination is a killer, it kills and destroys everything in its path, it robs us of the one thing we cannot get back – TIME. the best way to hit it hard is to take back your time, starting today.

Timing yourself will help you kill procrastination, one second at a time!

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