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Be kind to your mind day.
Saturday, 24th July was Be Kind To Your Mind Day.

Be kind to your mind day is not a new day that exists in the universe it’s a day that I created specifically to be kind to my mind based on the challenges I was facing.

It involved me implementing all of the techniques I developed to control my thoughts and manage my emotions, which is very important if you want to live a healthy wealthy life where my emotional, mental and spiritual well-being takes priority.

Be Kind To Your Day

The past few days have been both challenging and inspiring. Faced with some challenging issues that heavily impacted my emotions it was inspiring to see and experience the impact of all the mental work done daily for the past few years coming through in my thoughts and reactions. The challenge was keeping those thoughts and reactions at the forefront of my mind.

I did this by deciding that Saturday would be a Be kind To My Mind Day.
Each time my emotions plummeted, I paused and asked myself “what is the best thing for me right now”. Each time I asked myself the question, my mind responded with a positive response, which I then gave in to it.

Whether it was going for numerous walks, packing my bag, chair and umbrella and heading to the park in the pouring rain on Sunday, sitting in the middle of a field and meditating.

Whether it was watching a comedy on television to make myself laugh. Dancing to gospel music or hands raised to heaven in tears as I worship God offering thanks and prayers of gratitude.

Feeding myself on the word of God. Feeding myself on programs and literature that would inspire and fill me. All of these and more were what my mind and body craved each time I posed the question. Every time my emotions became too much for me to bear, I asked myself the question what do I need right now and it responded accordingly.

Be kind to your mind. Everything I did over the weekend insured I was being kind to my mind.

There were things on my to-do list that I didn’t feel like doing, but when I thought about not doing them, it made me feel worse. There were things that my emotions, triggered by my thoughts were encouraging me to do, like, “do nothing, just focus on us”, but when I thought about that, once again I felt worse.

Feeling overwhelmed, I showed kindness to myself, by putting what I needed to get through the day first. What did Jemma need right now? What would make her feel better? By listening to what my body needed I got everything was done that needed doing, kicked procrastination in the rear end took care of myself emotionally, physically, and mentally.

This wasn’t just about how I felt this was about what was the best thing for me.

Too often we give in to the feelings of our emotions and give them way too much authority in our lives to bring us down to a negative melting point. But what if there was a way to turn that around? Not to deny your pain, but to use your pain for your gain?

This weekend has been inspiring and challenging for so many wonderful reasons because I stared down the gun of depression. I was faced with the possibility of losing something I love and the emotions of loss the anguish of loss were pounding on the door of my thoughts playing havoc.

When I allowed myself to cry it wasn’t from a place of woe me but from a place of I’ve got this, God is with me and I’m going to overcome this.
Was I scared? Yes, I was. Was that anxious? yes I was
Could I afford to give in to fear and anxiety? No, I could not, because the emotions attached to fear and anxiety kept me bound for 35 years and if you allow it, the emotions attached to fear and anxiety breed more fear and anxiety into your life if and the more you experience that is the worst you feel because our thought trigger our emotions and our emotions affect our behaviour.

4 things you need to create your own Be Kind To Your Mind Day?

1) Write down how you are feeling acknowledging that what is happening is real

2) Ask yourself the question what’s the best thing for you right now? 

  • 3) Allow your mind time to respond to your question. It’s powerful and it knows what it wants and needs.
  • 4) give your mind what’s asking for.

Remember you are listing to your mind and body, not your emotions.

If you are doing this from a place of negativity and unforgiveness your mind will want to seek vengeance or revenge, all the things that make you feel worse. 
If you were doing this from a place of self-healing and wanting what’s best for yourself, your mind will tell you what it needs, what you need to begin the process of healing.

Every single thing my mind told me it needed each time I asked it, when I gave in to it, it released healing way beyond anything I could have ever imagined.
Be kind to your mind. Look after your mind, purge and purify your mind.

According to the Bible, your mind has the power to transform your life.

Romans 12:2 tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. By asking yourself what you need right now and by listening to the positive advice that your mind releases to you, you are transforming your situation and circumstances from the inside out.

Provers 18:21 says death and life are in the power of the tongue. This means whatever you say to yourself about yourself or your circumstances, you are breathing either life or death into it. You are causing it to become real.

Proverbs 23:7 says as a man thinks so he is. This means it is important and essential that you guard and protect your thoughts and your mind because if you can think it you will become it.

Start being kind to your mind and your mind will be kind to you.

If You have found this blog post helpful, I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you know someone that will benefit from its content, please share it, and let’s be kind to our minds and the minds of those around us.

God Bless You


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