Monday Morning


Monday morning! Is it blues or motivation?

Growing up Monday mornings were often meet with the blues. After a weekend off, the last thing I wanted to do was head off to a job I disliked. For most of us, a job was just a job that paid the bills with little to no personal satisfaction.

In later years the Monday Morning Blues have been replaced with Monday Motivation, a term that made me cringe during the years I spent depressed, wondering where on earth people found the motivation to feel so inspired first things on a Monday Morning!

What are your Monday mornings like? What are your mornings like in general? Are you motivated most mornings?

Recently I have started using Sundays to prepare for Monday and the week ahead, and I don’t just mean getting things in order like lunch, bag, clothes etc.. but more emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I make sure I get lots of rest, go for a nice long walk, spend some time reading and catch a movie or something fun on TV. I also write my schedule/plans for the week and pray over them for guidance.

I’ve been doing this for just under a month now and found it has impacted my day, week, and mind in a very healthy way. I realise I am less stressed mentally and emotionally by spiraling thoughts and more rested.

Monday Morning (Every Morning)

3:45 a.m. It’s time to wake up. I’ve got the energy I know I can do it but I don’t feel like doing it. My head is still full of ideas with no pictures that need pictures to bring them to life.

The one good thing about this morning is regardless of how I feel, a part of me is excited because I believe I can do better and great things lie ahead, as opposed to feeling like a complete and utter failure. I believe the former because my thoughts have room to roam and grow and that’s because I removed the clutter yesterday during relaxation. I’m not settled but I’m in control of my thoughts and emotions

4:a.m. It’s time to get up but I’m still lying in bed. I’m not depressed, neither am I procrastinating but there was a time when I would have been both. I’m thinking of how I get from where I am to where I want to be. I can’t seem to shift the feeling that the answers are there and whatever I pursue will be achievable. Attached to whatever is going on is hope. I can’t quite explain it but I’m glad it’s there because I’m going to need it.

4:15 a.m. Ok, that’s it I’m getting up!

Like it or not my morning routine has kicked in. Granted I’m 15 minutes late but I’m there now and the first thing on the list is exercise. Don’t roll your eyes, it’s not a long workout, it’s just 10 minutes to get me moving and get the endorphins running through my body. I’m not even sure I work up a sweat, but it’s great for my mental and physical health!

Smoothie made, quick tidy up, jump in the shower and I’m dressed. I won’t have time to sit on the sofa this morning for my 30 minutes of quiet time with God but I do have 15 minutes before I jump in the car and join my 5 a.m. prayer group over the phone. I use those 15 minutes to be still and focus on God, peace, self-control and believing that I can and will get through this.

Whatever I’m frustrated about, needs to be released and let go. So to any unforgiveness, doubt, self-loathing, or anything else that disturbs my peace. I love these moments of quietness, prayer, and time in the word of God and hate leaving, but I have to.

As I drive, I’m encouraging myself, something I’ve learned to do. I’m also thinking about what I’m thinking about. Committing my ways and thoughts to God. Praying and desiring for this thing that has been bothering me to be sorted soon, for answers to be revealed. For the weight to be lifted.

I’m ok, I know this because back in the day, I would still be in bed at this point, but routines, and taking stock of my emotions has got me to this point. Like anything, it takes time to tame your mind, but it is something I realise needs to be done intentionally.

Finding Peace

As I search myself I’m at peace. What I’m feeling is natural given the situation that I’m in, but there is balance so I know that I’m ok. What’s going on affects me emotionally, mentally, and physically, and I recognise that and make room and adjustments for it.

It is so important to be self-aware.

whatever happens today the best way for you to be kind to yourself is to take care of your mind. Protect your mind from thoughts that will harm, belittle, or discourage you. Don’t allow your mind to lead you astray. I’ve learned that the same mind that will entice you not to do something that needs to be done is the same mind that can encourage you to do it. It has little to do with how we feel ad more t do with being intentional. Too often we give our feelings more power than they need and our actions follow our emotions and feeling.

I recall the days when I didn’t fight. I recall the days when I fought in one direction and my feelings in another. I recall the days when I was at war with myself, doing what needed to be done and not enjoying one minute of it, and I recall the day when I turned the corner.

Getting out of bed today was the result of having turned the corner


If I hadn’t pushed through the barriers and installed the routines that I have these past few years then this morning would have ended so much differently. It started from yesterday, being on the sofa the thoughts coming thick and fast, and with each thought came an emotion that wanted to drag me down and back to my past.

But identifying the thoughts attached to the emotions as I’ve learnt to do has become a lifesaver.

Yesterday I fought back every thought that tried to invade my mind, that tried to get my attention, control my emotions, change my mood. I knew if I could keep doing this with the right thoughts and keep the negative ones at bay, eventually, I would start speaking the positive, godly (truth) focused thoughts and I knew where they would get me.

Knowing where I wanted to go meant I knew what needed doing, what thoughts needed interrupting, and what they needed interrupting with, and even though things around me looked very much like the unwanted thoughts,  I knew they meant me no good based on the way they were trying to make me feel.

Without my routine, the routine that I’ve had to discipline myself to install, doing it when I haven’t felt like implementing it when I’ve had no energy. Pushing past lack of motivation because let’s face it, that’s just another obstacle to keep you back. Pushing past lack of enthusiasm and all the lacks that come into play to keep us away from the goal.

Without doing what felt impossible but I proved was possible, right now I would be experiencing the Monday morning or morning Blues, but not just this morning all the other mornings that I felt like I can’t do this because we all have them, it’s just a case of what are we falling back on.

Having a routine has taught me that it is possible to do something even though you don’t feel like doing it because the thought that you choose to focus on, is that you have to do it and not that you feel like doing it.  Having a routine creates balance, self-control, motivation, and discipline in your life. It creates balance, a sense of direction, stability, and peace.

Ending Your Day

Not everybody understands how intense it can be. They’re not in your head, they’re not in your emotions, they’re not in your feelings but those of you who have suffered from depression, who have been affected by anxiety, low mood, and more understand that no one wants to stay stuck, they want to fight, they want to get out of their head and away from all that’s holding them down.

Sometimes we can look at people and think they have great days all day every day, not so, but they do have to fight somedays more than others. It’s all about the goal and routine.

Do you have a daily routine that helps to keep you grounded and focused? Perhaps it is a routine you have developed without realising. Perhaps it is a bad routine that gets you the same results every day and it needs changing

It’s not too late to start a routine. If you’re reading this and you’re feeling discouraged and thinking it’s too late it’s not too late. You can start today and turn every morning into a motivational morning and an inspiring week, even on the challenging ones.

May this week be the week things change, because it’s never too late to start taking care of your mind!

5 Benefits Of Having A Morning Routine

  1. It Reduces Stress. Having a routine is going to help you do your things in the morning without thinking about it. …
  2. You Will Have More Control Over Your Time And What You Do With it
  3. You Will Be Less Likely To Forget Things
  4. You Will Take Care Of Yourself Better (Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually
  5. You Will Eat Healthier In The Morning.


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