New Beginnings, Tough Decisions


If you had a chance to start all over again, have a new beginning, what would you do differently? Unless you made some drastic changes in your life beginning with your mind and thoughts, rapidly followed by actions nothing would change, you would end up right where you are right now, thinking and wishing you could start all over again.

If you could start all over again, have a new beginning, what would you do differently?

Every day for the past ten years, I’ve been privileged to have a new beginning. I didn’t realise it until now but each day was a new start at being the new person I decided I wanted to be back in March 2011. With each day came new strength and a decision to keep going and not retreat.

It’s been a while since I last blogged and it’s good to be back. In fact, returning back to blogging is part of a new beginning for me. Since my last post, I’ve been posting a blog on my mind, but not in my plans or my actions. I’ve been saying “I’ll do it next week” for months!

I figured I’d get around to it, that it didn’t matter that I had not posted until I realised not posting meant I wasn’t being consistent and couldn’t be trusted. How could you, my readers take me at my word if I started something that I’ve wanted to do for ages, that I knew I was part of my calling as it were, but wasn’t consistent with it.

What about the people that enjoyed the blogs, were inspired and encouraged by them, what effect was my inconsistent actions having on them?

Installing My New Beginning

It’s no secret I lead a busy life, which I must add has been drastically reduced these past few months, yes we have lots to talk about! But there is no point in being busy if you are not being productive. At the end of your busy day, week, month, year, life, what have you got to show for it?

One of the things that bothered me the most about myself was my ability to be consistently inconsistent in certain areas of my life, a habit I am now focused on breaking. A habit that requires me to be intentional, keeping my word, looking at what’s important to me, and taking steps to carry it out, develop and increase in those areas and integrity is one of those areas, hence the new beginning.

Another thing I realised about myself is that I actually have a powerful story and important knowledge to share. The fact that I have managed to work on my mind to the degree that I have and experience such an amazing turnaround after battling with depression for 35 years is phenomenal! God truly needs to get the glory and the world needs to hear my story! (See what I did there, lol)

There is a multitude of people just like me who need to know they can achieve the same freedom and me. They can overcome and achieve, just like me and I want them and need them to know the truth. Just recently God has been bringing some of those people into my life for me to help and support them and I love it! I’m putting my triumphs and victories to use and you can do the same too.

So this blog is just to say I’m back with encouraging, inspiring, and challenging content to get you not just inspired and feeling giddy, but get you motivated enough to move and keep moving.

I’m holding myself accountable to you with two blogs a month and I’m hoping you will let me know how you are progressing on your journey of change, personal spiritual, mental, emotional and development. Lets do this together!

If you have read my previous blogs, you will know I like to keep active, nothing has changed there, but I am now gearing all my active activities towards where I want to be five, ten and God knows however many years He allows me to see with no excuses and that means I’m going at it hard in the new habits, new beginnings, being intentional and most of all being consistent department.

If you find yourself at that crossroad and looking for some accountability, support, and help, get on board and we can do it together! It’s all about mastering the mind and controlling your emotions as you overcome your limiting self-beliefs. If I can do it, you can too.

Mental Health Awareness Week

So this week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and it’s all about being in nature, so head over to The Mental Health Foundation to see how you can get involved and how being in nature can help your mental health.

I chose this week to start back blogging because not blogging was making me feel guilty and I needed a push to get started. Something to hold me accountable. So I posted that I would be posting, videos, blogs, a podcast episode, and other bits this week in support of MHAW, knowing that once I put it out there I would have to follow through with it! And it feels great being able to keep my word.

There is so much to be thankful for. Every time I overcome an emotional, mental, and spiritual hurdle, I feel like doing summersaults because of how much my mind, thoughts, and emotions are changing and as a result my behaviour too!

So how are you feeling? Are you winning, stuck, in-between, or right on track? I’m on track on my way to winning, because I’m tired of being stuck! And one of the ways I’m doing that is by challenging myself, stretching, empowering, educating, and inspiring myself to be the person I am in my dreams, my vision and God’s eyes.

How are you challneging yourself to be better?

Do you beleive ou can be better?

What are some of your limiting beliefs and how are you feeding or staving them?

I’ll be sharing my journey on these points in my next blog so stay tuned and share this with a freind whoi you think may benifit from it.

Things That Might Help You

So if you didn’t know and have not checked it out, you need to head over to my podcast, subscribe, listen and share. The Elephant In The Room, Navigating A Lifetime Of Emotions is all about what goes on in the mind of someone who struggles emotionally and how I have and continue to navigate my way through various thought patterns and emotions that kept me in a depressive mindset for 35 years.

There are some great interviews with others who share their journey too, so It’s received some great feedback so head over to Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, or SoundCloud and check it out.

What are you doing on Saturday morning between 9-9:30 am? Grab your device and tune into UGN Jamz Radio for 30 minutes of Inspiration with Jemz. I share some encouraging and inspiring content based on current events and life, in general, to inspire and motivate you throughout the week ahead.

From Me To You


Do you find it almost impossible to find a safe place and space? Do you struggle to find spiritual, emotional, and mental rest? Does your mind keep running when you want it to be still? When your mind is racing and you want to shut down and be alone with God and His thoughts towards you, where do you and what do you do? Do you often leave your unsuccessful quiet time more frustrated than when you arrived?

For My Spiritual, Emotional, and Mental Well-being, I Like To Soak!

It helps me Be StillIt helps me take control of my mind. It helps me disconnect from the world and connect with God spiritually, emotionally, mentally physically. Looking for a safe place and space where you start learning how to Be Still and experience more Intimacy with God? Click on the link for your free step by step Soaking Meditation Session, a gift from me to you


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